Welcome to WAFBEC 2016

In this mountain shall the LORD make unto all people a feast of fat things... - Isaiah 25:6
Pastor Poju Oyemade - Visionary/Convener, WAFBEC

WAFBEC will put you in position in the realm of the spirit for what God has in store for you in 2016. It’s a year where the overwhelming grace for acceleration of all things will be clearly evident. Joy produced by the Holy Spirit within is what will break every limitation and turn you loose.

The concept behind The West Africa Believer’s Convention (WAFBEC) is to have two strong streams of the Spirit run in the meetings.

The first is to have morning/afternoon sessions where the word of faith will be taught with the intent of developing skills in the word on how to live effectively on the earth.

There will be a School of the Spirit, a School of wisdom, a School of prayer and a School of faith. It will be sessions where you will be literally saturated in the word of God, sharpening you understanding of the workings of the Spirit in you. These sessions will form a solid foundation for the evening sessions.

The evening sessions will be Holy Ghost meetings; emphasis will be on joy, salvation, impartation, prophecy, healing, signs and wonders. We have a string of testimonies from our past editions where the presence and power of the Spirit is clearly evident in these meetings.

It’s the year of God’s harvest on all your labors in the past, joy that cannot be articulated with words; an in gathering where every sense of loss and every form of emptiness will be replaced by strong divine visitations from heaven. Clear direction about your future will be received through instruction and prophecy.

We are going about 2016 the old fashioned Holy Ghost way. We are birthing the events in the spirit first and then walking in purpose and power.

Join us at WAFBEC 2016; take time off to have unusual encounters with the Spirit, establish appoint of entry into God’s plan for you.

The table is ready.

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